Leonardo daVinci strove for excellence in everything. So, do we.

Welcome to daVinci’s. Like the painter Leonardo daVinci, we strive for excellence in everything – our food, our service and our restaurant environments. It’s been the philosophy the Knudson family has shared since we opened our first restaurant in 1978.

In 1977 Kal Knudson, a husband, father of six and an ordained minister along with his wife, Darlene decided they needed something to bring their family together and give them a common goal. One day Kal and Darlene called their kids and asked them all to come home and help set up a family business. To turn this dream into a reality Kal took a leave of absence from his church, Darlene gave up her teaching career and sons, Kent and Kevin left jobs in Illinois. After intense restaurant training the Knudson family opened their first restaurant in April of 1978 – Pontillo’s Pizzeria, located at 13th & Q in downtown Lincoln. They did most of the work remodeling and mechanical construction themselves, turning the little building into a comfortable place to visit.

Pontillo’s Pizzeria was the beginning of a growing restaurant business that would provide not only an occupational livelihood for the family, but a source of unity as well. Kelly and Randy continue to oversee daVinci’s five Lincoln locations.

Everything we serve at daVinci’s starts with the finest, freshest ingredients. All our meats are chosen based on their quality & flavor, and we use 100% real mozzarella. Our Italian bread is baked fresh daily and vegetables are sliced fresh each morning. Our alfredo and marinara sauces are homemade and developed by our family. Sure, we could make more money if we switched to less expensive ingredients, but we think you deserve the best!